Learn our beautiful language in Groningen,
The Netherlands

Your tutor
Yorien van den Hombergh

Conversation course in Groningen

Join our small conversation group for beginners.
We'll start a new group end of January 2006
8 week course (8 x 1 ½ hrs) :
€ 136 p.p.
Group must be 3-5 people. In this group you will learn to speak and understand Dutch in a pleasant way. Speaking is the main thing. We try to keep grammar and writing to a minimum.

Wednesday evening 19.30-21.00 Groningen town.
No special books needed. Bring your ears and voice.

Next date: January 11th 2006



Language weekend in the best city of the Netherlands: Groningen


If you don't live in Groningen and would prefer to learn some Dutch in just one weekend, that's an option too! It will be fun!

Book your hotel at www.groningen.nl and join our Weekend course (2 x 4 hrs) :
€ 116 p.p.
Group must be 3-5 people.

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Lessons on saturday and sunday morning 09h00 - 13h00 in Groningen town. No books needed.

Next date: February 11th 2006



Digi Dutch, conversation course by email


Next date:

Will be released end of 2005

You want to learn Dutch but you are too far away to come to Groningen right now? Then Digi Dutch could be the right solution.

This is a real conversation course, sent to you by email. Many soundbytes, practice and feedback. The lessons come in separate sixpacks.

Learn to speak Dutch at your computer and discuss it with your fellow students in our online discussion group. Will be released end of 2005.



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